Do you feel like you’re doing everything right, but you’re still tired ALL THE TIME and you feel like you’ve hit a plateau? 😴

So many women who begin working with me, tell me this in our first meeting.

✨They tell me that they are working out hard, often at least 45-60 minutes / day.

✨They tell me that they are eating a low calorie diet.

✨They tell me that they are frustrated because it should be a simple equation of calories in < calories out = weight loss & energy… right?

What’s really going on? WHY are you so tired all the time, and why can’t you lose that extra 10 lbs?

When your body isn’t receiving ENOUGH calories, it starts to panic. To your body, it feels like it is starving so it raises the alert system🚨

This also increases cortisol output from the adrenals. If the alarm is sounded frequently (or on a daily basis) – your adrenals start to get tired, and your body isn’t starts to operate out of survival mode.

This means that any extra weight must be held onto, for “just in case” and you’re tired because your adrenals simply can’t keep up.⠀