“All disease begins in the gut.” ~ Hippocrates

It seemed like it happened out of nowhere.

One day my skin was perfectly fine, the next I had eczema and my entire body was covered in rashes and I had no idea what was happening!

In fact, up until this point I had never dealt with eczema before in my life, and when it first started, I didn’t even realize that’s what it was true story

Not only did I develop eczema, but I began noticing other things about my body and my health that I had never noticed before.

I was always so TIRED and had a hard time sleeping at night. I developed Ibs and had food sensitivities – the list goes on and on!

I developed eczema and these other health-related issues because I was eating foods that I was allergic to which then lead to the breakdown of my gut lining and then the development of leaky gut!!

Trust me when I say that the majority of health issues can be traced back to gut health!! It is all connected in some way and this is why gut health is SO important!

So, the first step was to heal my gut. ✨ I did so by first having some tests done to look at my microbiome to see what was going on in my gut.

From those tests, I had a protocol to follow in order to start my healing process that included taking a high-quality pharmaceutical grade probiotic, like my favorite and my top-selling probiotic in my online dispensary, @microbiomelabs MegaSporeBiotic, to repopulate the good bacteria in my gut. I also took a gut rebuilding supplement to heal the lining of my gut.

Once my gut was healed, everything else started clearing up!

I’m a firm believer that gut health is the foundation of our health because all disease begins in the gut, just as Hippocrates says.

For this reason, it’s one of my passions to help people overcome their gut-health related issues through root cause testing and nutrition! 🌱

Do you suffer from leaky gut or any gut-health related issues? Send me a DM or comment below and let’s figure out how we can start your healing process together! 💚