At one point in my life I struggled with my health. I was not sleeping properly , had a hard time getting motivated in the mornings to do anything and I couldn’t keep up with my daughter because I was always tired.

I developed Eczema, Adrenal Fatigue, IBS and all kinds of digestive issues. My body was trying to tell me something.

After working in law enforcement for years and having various other stressful job positions, my body succumbed to high stress levels and my body could no longer function properly.⁣
I spent years of eating a poor diet and my gut health eventually deteriorated. I developed nutrient deficiencies and multiple allergies and intolerances to various foods.
My digestion was poor and so I suffered from leaky gut. I also became an insomniac and literally was not sleeping.
I visited multiple doctors who just prescribed me various medications to mask the real problem and to cover up the symptoms I was experiencing .
It was then, that I decided to take my life back again!
I worked with a Naturopath to finally discover the root cause of my symptoms and after following a personalized healing protocol I was able to heal my body.
Through this healing I found my passion for helping other women heal themselves. I was so passionate about health that I returned to college once again and switched my career path to focus on holistic healthcare. 
I have since become Certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, Digestive Health Specialist and also recognized as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  

I managed to heal my body, inside and out, and now I am so honored to be able to help others do the same!

My Story

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Quick Facts About Me